At Zen Tattoo Studio, we do not only offer professional custom tattoos, we are also highly active in every aspect of the sanitary process and the sterilization process. At Zen Tattoo Studio, we guarantee that all of the material is a 100% sterilized. We also assure that the studio is sanitary and sparkling clean, not like most tattoo shops. We firmly believe that a well informed clientele can make the best decision when it comes to choosing a tattoo parlour. That is why we take the time to inform our clientele of all the operation that take place in the studio. Knowing that your health is most important, we want to explain to you every aspect of the sanitary operations that is done in Zen Tattoo Studio; from sanitizing to sterilization, without forgetting the hygienic procedures. .


Virginie is the manager of Zen Tattoo Studio and she is in charge of all of the sanitary operations. Virginie has a Bachelors’ degree in Biomedical Sciences at University of Montreal, and she has now completed her Masters’ degree in biopharmaceuticals. While working in the laboratories of several hospitals like Ste-Justine Children’s Hospital, she learned a lot of techniques that make her capable of assuring the flawlessness the sanitary operations of Zen Tattoo Studio.


Virginie holds an undeniable knowledge of everything that has to do with the sanitizing, sterilization protocols and cross-contamination. She also has an understanding of blood borne pathogens (Bacteria, virus and microorganism) that clearly surpasses that of other tattoo shops.

Sanitary aspects

At Zen Tattoo Studio, we know that your health has no price! Our first goal is to offer a safe tattoo experience to every client. To do so, we follow carefully Health Canada’s every rules and regulations. Combined with all our knowledge and expertise, we can say that our standards in hygiene and sanitizing are highly superior to those of regular tattoo parlours.


At Zen Tattoo Studio, we guarantee that all the equipment used in a tattoo session respects in detail every rule that is prescribed by the sterilization protocol of the minister of Health and Social services of Quebec. Therefore, Zen Tattoo Studio guarantees that the equipment such as the needles, the disposable tubes, the ink, the razors, the plastics protectors and all the medical equipment are one use only. This means that all the equipment have never been used before and, conformably to the protocol regarding the disposal of biomedical waist, they will all be disposed immediately after they are used. Finally, regarding the metal tubes, Zen Tattoo Studio guarantees that they have been sterilized completely through a cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner and a sterilization session in a new and certified autoclave. This type of sterilization guarantees that any type of microorganism (bacteria and virus) will be denatured and completely destroyed at 100%.

Thus, it is possible to reuse these metal tubes in a tattoo procedure. Here are the protocol of sanitization and sterilization that are done at all times by each tattoo artist:


1) Process of sanitization and control during the tattoo session: Before each tattoo, the tattoo station is carefully cleaned with a strong disinfectant and sanitized with an antiseptic to remove every impurity.


The sterilization contract is a unique system developed by Zen Tattoo Studio to give peace of mind to every client. Indeed, this contract is signed by both the tattoo artist and the client. The contract proves that all the equipment (needles and tubes) that will be used by the artist is pre-sterilised and individually wrapped. Once the client presents himself for the tattoo session, the needles and tubes are open in front of him. The client writes down the date of the needles and tubes on the contract to make sure that all is in order and sterilised.


During the tattoo session, it is possible to observe our vigilance and expertise of cross-contamination. Every object used during the tattoo session (clip cords, bottles, tables, lamps, etc.) will be carefully wrap with a plastic barrier that prevents cross-contamination.


At the end of the tattoo session, everything that has been in contact with blood is disposed in a biohazard waste basket in front of the client. Everything else is disposed conformably to the protocol regarding the disposal of biomedical waist. The tattoo station is completely disinfected with strong disinfectants usually used in hospitals.


2) Process of sterilization for the reusable equipment


At Zen Tattoo Studio, only the metal tubes are sterilized since all of the other equipment are one use only and are thrown away. At the end of a tattoo session, the metal tubes are placed in a container were they are soaked in a disinfectant to remove all visible traces of ink and blood. After staying a while in this cleaning solution, the tubes are brushed under hot water to be finally place in the ultrasonic cleaner.


The ultrasonic cleaner is a machine that sends ultrasonic waves inside and outside the metal tubes, allowing the big particles of skin, blood and ink to dissolve in the liquid detergent in which the tubes soak. The ultrasonic cleaner send these waves for a cycle of about 20 to 30 minutes. This step in the sterilisation process doesn’t sterilise the tubes, it only helps cleaning the tubes by removing the big particles. This step is essential to every sterilisation process because the autoclave can’t get rid of big particles. Once the cycle in the ultrasonic cleaner is done, the metal tubes are each individually wrapped in a plastic pouch. The pouched are sealed and placed in the autoclave for a complete sterilization.


At Zen Tattoo Studio, the crucial step of the sterilisation process is done by a new and certified autoclave bought form the company Dufort-Lavigne (which is the medical supplier of many hospitals). The tubes are sealed and placed in the autoclave for a cycle of 40 minutes. The process of sterilization by autoclave is very simple. It combines excessive temperature and pressure to create a power steam that destroys every types of microorganism (bacteria and virus). To do so, the autoclave reaches an intern temperature of 121°C. At such extreme conditions, no living being can survive. Therefore, every microorganism dies and all the nuclear material (DNA/RNA) of the viruses are completely denatured. To insure the quality of our sterilization process, we write down the date and time on each pouch containing a freshly sterilized tube. The sterilization process keeps things sterilized for a month. The date allows us to keep track of our equipment and validate its sterilization. This inscription also allows the clients to see for himself that everything is in order before a tattoo session. Don’t hesitate to contact us If you have any questions or worries concerning the sanitary operations of Zen Tattoo Studio, Virginie will be more than pleased to answer you. We wish that our clientele is to be well informed about everything we do in Zen Tattoo Studio. Don’t hesitate to contact us!





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