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Booking ahead of time guarantees you’ll have a time slot of your choice to get pierced. 🙂

With our platform you can take an appointment for a piercing, a piercing consultation, a check up or even to buy jewelry. For more information, please call us: 450-933-9398

We reserve a time slot of 30 min to 1h00 depending on the type of service.

If you want to come with a friend or if you are more than one person that needs our services:
Go back and click on ” Group Piercing Appointment”

Group booking for piercing

You and your friend wants to get pierced at the same time? You are at the correct place to make an appointment. 🙂 Simply fill out this form and we will call you with our next availabilities.

Please note that this section is not to accompagny someone without getting pierced. We don’t allow compagny during the piercing procedure unless it’s for a kids.

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    ** Please read our age-related information: We pierce children when they are old enough to ask for the piercings by themselves (usually around 5 years old). For 15 years old and under, a parental authorization is required and we only pierce ears. The parental authorization is filled upon arrival at the appointment. We ask for a valid piece of ID for both the child and the parent. We refuse to pierce if the PARENT is not present (mother, father, legal tutor). For 16 years old or older, no parental authorization is required. Nipples are for 18 years old and over ONLY. We ask for a valid piece of I.D to every person who seems to be 25 years old or under, no matter what piercing they are getting. We suggest you bring a piece of I.D whenever you are coming to get a piercing. Otherwise, the piercer can refuse to pierce you.

    I accept the conditions and confirm that I am of legal age to request the service

    Tattoo Consultation Appointment

    This section is to make a tattoo appointment. 

    Please note that we are getting an overwhelming amount of requests for our tattoo services, and, we cannot tattoo everyone who wishes to have an appointment. (some of our artists have closed their books since they have about a year wait). Our artists prioritise the projects that most fit the style they specialise in. It is important to take the time to look at our artists’ portfolios to see who is most suitable for your project.

    You will receive an answer by email within the week following your request. We must first verify with our artists (who all have different schedules). We answer every request, even those that we have to turn down. If after a week you still haven’t gotten an answer, please check your spam mail or contact us. Thank you for your patience.

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      What’s your budget? Please keep in mind that our shop minimum is 100$+tx
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      Size in cm:
      Color or Black & grey
      Have you been tattooed at our shop? If so, please specify the artist.
      Upload picture of your tattoo idea (and of your cover-up if you want a cover-up):

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