Healing time chart

4-6 months
Ear cartilage
6-9 months
2-4 months
1-2 months
6-9 months
1-2 months
9-12 months
Labret (lip)
1-2 months
1-2 months
1-2 months
2-4 months
Ear lobe
1-2 months
3-4 months
6-9 months
Nipple  :
2-4 months
6-9 months
1-2 months
1-2 months
1-2 months

General piercing care :

-Before you start cleaning your new piercing, it is very important to wash your hands properly. Once that’s done, soak a Q-tip with your saline solution and carefully clean your piercing. Ideally, we suggest you clean it 2-4 times daily during the healing period (refer to the chart).
-It is important not to play with the jewel nor removing it, nor touch around the piercing during the healing period. The friction caused by the movement of the jewel prevents the skin from healing. It could increase the risk of complications.
-If you’re having trouble cleaning the secretions, you can let your piercing soak in a clean shooter glass filled with saline solution if the area of your piercing allows it. Clean your piercing with a Q-tip afterwards and dry it down properly as well. If the piercing stays humid, there are higher risks of contracting bacteria. Therefore, you should not put a bandaid during the healing process.
-You can also clean your piercing in the shower with an antibacterial soap (Spectro Jel). Make sure to clean and dry it properly.


-During the healing process, do not submerge your piercing under water (no spa, pools, baths, rivers, lakes, oceans, sauna) to avoid contracting bacterias found in these waters.
-Since a piercing is an open wound, it is important to avoid dusty places or at least clean the piercing afterwards. If you work with household products, you must clean your piercing after as the chemical particles found in those products are volatile.
-Refrain from using any type of beauty products (ex: perfumes, makeup, spray, cream, etc.) since they contain agents that may cause irritation, inflammation or an infection. Or else, taking the habit of cleaning your piercing right after increases your chances of healing without complications.
-It is essential to clean your piercing after a physical activity in which you sweated a lot (sweat is dirty!)

Mouth piercings :

IMPORTANT : Once the piercing is done, make sure to get an alcohol-free mouthwash.

For the first two weeks :
-You must rinse your mouth every morning when you get up and every night before going to bed, as it is during the night that the mouth produces the most bacterias.
-You must rinse your mouth after each meal/snack or if you drink anything else than water
-Avoid drinking alcohol since it dries the wound, makes it swell excessively and prevents it from healing. Also avoid any food that is too hot, too cold, too spicy, too salty, too acidic and too sticky (it might stick on your jewel).
-If you’re a smoker, rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Avoid drinking with a straw as well as any suction effect causes the piercing to swell.
-Avoid any bodily fluid exchange.
-The skin inside the mouth is called the mucous. During the healing process, the mucous might cover the jewelry. If it is completely covered, you will need a longer staff.
-Refrain from using lip balm, lipstick and/or any other beauty product on your new piercing.
-Avoid lip balm and make-up on the outside part of your new piercing.
-Please note that it is normal to see a white/yellowish halo around your jewel for a couple of weeks. It is a part of the healing process where your skin is renewing itself.

Stretch :

-For the first two weeks following the stretching, clean the area(s) with your saline solution using a Q-tip 1-2 times a day without taking out the plug(s). If you see blood on the Q-tip, please refer to the “General piercing care” section.
-After the 2nd week, you can take out the plug(s) to clean the stretched area(s) as well as the plug(s). It is preferable to do it daily.
-Jojoba oil or Emu oil can be used as moisturizer and helps with skin restoration.
-You should ideally wait between 2 to 3 months between each size in order not to damage the natural elasticity of your skin.

Microdermals :

Follow the general piercing care
-You have the option to clean your jewel by soaking the microdermal for a couple of minutes in a clean shooter glass filled with your saline solution. Don’t forget to clean it properly afterwards.
-We suggest you put a bandaid that allows the implant to breathe every night before going to bed for the first two weeks to let the skin renew itself properly.

Saline solution :

You can make your own saline solution at home using non-iodized sea salt:
-Add a ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 1 cup of boiled water
-Let it sit and use once it’s cooled down
We also sell a ready-to-use saline solution in store for 5$!

If you have any questions, comments or worries, feel free to contact us!