Ear curation or ear styling: what is it?


We see in everywhere on the internet and inspiration websites, we hear about them often too. It’s a trend that’s becoming more and more popular in the industry, they are curated ears! Curated ears are not only multiple piercings on one ear, but also an arrangement of jewelry picked and designed to form a unified and gorgeous setup. An ear curation does not require a maximum of piercing to be doable. It can be started with already existing piercings, with new piercings or a mix of both.

How does it work?


You're in luck: at the Studio Zen Tattoo, we offer curation services. You must first submit your project via our website here:

Once we receive your project, you will have the possibility to have a consultation appointment with one of our piercers for free. We will ask for a 100$ deposit for this project as it may be extensive if you decide to go through with the process. Following that consultation, the piercer will prepare different models in order to give you an idea on how to place and match the chosen pieces according to colors, stones and sizes. Another appointment will be needed so you can take a look at the options with your piercer. Once the final choice has been made, the artist will be able to ask for submissions with the different companies that may apply to your ear curation in order to give you an approximate price. We’ll then ask for a second deposit, which will then be 50% of the entire price of your ear curation project.

In addition


Note that none of those two deposits are refundable and a complete change of your project and / or cancelling it will result in cashing in the deposits to compensate for your piercer’s work. Moreover, once your pieces of jewelry have been ordered, they cannot be refunded, so be certain of your choice!

Last but not least, waiting times for your jewelry may vary between a week and 7 or 8 months depending on the companies we’ll need to order from. That means if you choose different companies for your curation, it is possible we only receive part of your order here and there. You’ll have the option to come once all your jewelry have arrived or come multiple times to get them installed each time we receive new pieces. Your piercer will want to take pictures of your ear/s once the project is completed for their professional portfolios.


Our partner


To help with your researches, here are the companies with which we currently have an account with: