What kind of piercing do we offer?

We are working by appointments for our services.

At the Zen Tattoo Studio, your health is our main concern. Therefore, each piercing is done in the best way possible to ensure a proper healing. We carefully follow every directives of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). With many years of experience in the field of body piercing, our priority is to make your piercing experience pleasant as well as guide you throughout your healing process.

Zen Tattoo Studio is one of the most hygienic studios in Canada. We are constantly perfecting our knowledge with the help of healthcare professionals. All our artists and employees received a proper training and a certification from Health Educators Inc. Therefore, every needle is only used once and is disposed of at the end of the piercing procedure. NO NEEDLE IS REUSED.


Because our piercings services are in high demand, we are taking appointments for every piercing service. This allows us to take our time with you and give you a personalized service.

Therefore, all the following services are on appointment:

- Piercing

- Jewelry replacement

- Buying jewelry

- Removing jewelry

- Stretch

- Follow-up

- Etc.

Please check-out our BOOKING section to make an appointment.


We specialize in fine body jewelry; therefore, you only get the best quality out of every piece. We sell only the highest quality of world-renowned body jewelry made from implant grade materials. We are one of the very few studios that possess a professional license to work with high-end jewelry such as Anatometal® and LeRoi®. To get a preview on what we hold in store, please refer to our Jewelry section.

** Age related information: **
- 15 years old and under: A parental authorization is required and we only pierce ears.
- 16 years old or older: No parental authorization required.
- Nipples and genitals: 18 years old and over ONLY.

N.B.: We ask for a valid piece of I.D to every person who seems to be 25 years old or under, no matter what piercing they’re getting. We suggest you bring a piece of I.D whenever you’re coming to get a piercing. Otherwise, the piercers can refuse to pierce you.


As well as piercings, we also offer services for:


A piercing check-up

Jewelry downsize;

Piercing or implant removal;

Implants (microdermals);

Jewelry sterilization;

Ear curation;

Custom body jewelry design;

Large gauge piercing and stretching;

Earlobe piercing for children (only when they are old enough to ask it themselves);


Inversed nipple correction

Price list

PiercingPiercing priceBasic titanium jewelry price
Tongue50,00 $65,00 $
Lip/Vertical labret40,00 $65,00 $
Labret/Monroe40,00 $45,00 $
Snake bite/Angel bite75,00 $45,00 $ each
Smiley40,00 $65,00 $
Medusa/Philtrum40,00 $45,00 $
Vertical Philtrum/Jestrum40,00 $65,00 $
Web40,00 $65,00 $
Navel30,00 $45,00 $
Nipple30,00 $65,00 $
2 Nipples55,00 $65,00 $ each
Eyebrow30,00 $65,00 $
Nostril35,00 $45,00 $
Double nostrils65,00 $45,00 $ each
Septum45,00 $65,00 $
Bridge60,00 $65,00 $
Ear lobe20,00 $45,00 $
2 Ear lobes30,00 $45,00 $ each
Cartilage / Helix30,00 $45,00 $
Double Helix55,00 $45,00 $ each
Triple Helix80,00 $45,00 $ each
Anti-Helix / Forward Helix30,00 $45,00 $
Intern cartilage / Flat Helix / Faux Rook / Overconch / Scapha30,00 $45,00 $
Conch30,00 $45,00 $
Rook30,00 $65,00 $
Daith45,00 $65,00 $
Tragus30,00 $45,00 $
Snug / Anti-Tragus30,00 $65,00 $
Industrial65,00 $65,00 $
1 Stretch (piercing at larger gauge)30,00 $ 40,00$ for a pair
2 Stretchs (piercing at larger gauge)55,00 $ 40,00$ for a pair
Stretch (when already pierced)10$/ear/gauge (size)40,00$ for a pair
Microdermal85,00 – 95,00 $
2 Microdermals145,00 – 165,00 $
Skin diver55,00 $
2 Skin divers95,00 $
Installing jewelry / Removing jewelry10,00$- 30,00$ or more depending on the material needed
Stretch / Reopening a piercing10,00 $/gauge
Check-up Material price can vary
Remove implant (microdermal)20,00$ – 30,00$

* Taxes are not included in the prices listed above.