Age Policy

Age related information

At Studio Zen Tattoo, we have an age policy concerning both tattoos and piercings. We have professional insurances in relation to that policy, which means there is no transgression or exception, under any circumstances, for one service or the other. Please read the following instructions carefully:

For tattoos, it’s 18 years old and older. Even if the person is a minor and has parental consent to get tattooed. 

For piercing, there are different degrees to the age policy depending on the wanted piercing;

  • Under 16 years old, the only piercings we do are the ears. The presence of a parent of legal guardian is mandatory at all times, with a valid piece of ID including the date of birth, for each.
  • At 16 years old, there is no parental authorization needed anymore. The majority of the piercings are possible (the majority of the face, and navel), with the exception of some piercings that are 18+. A valid piece of ID is required.
  • At 18 years old, we offer the nipple, tongue, bridge piercings, as well as implants (dermal anchors and surface piercings). A valid piece of ID is required.

The pieces of ID must be, at all times, valid and include the date of birth (ex.: Medicare card, driver's license, passport, hospital card, etc.). They can also be presented in picture form. We cannot be held responsible for falsified pieces of ID.
AT ALL TIMES, we require a valid piece of ID for 25 years old and younger. We could refuse the wanted service if it is not presented.