At Zen Tattoo Studio


We know that your health has no price! Our main goal is to offer a safe tattoo experience to every client. Our expertise in sterilization, sanitizing and cross contamination is known throughout Quebec. Therefore, we can easily say that our standards in hygiene are much higher than those of many tattoo shops.




Because of the worldwide pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus which causes Covid-19, Zen Tattoo Studio is working with the government to offer a safe environment for our workers and for our clients. To do so, we have put in place new health and safety measures. These measures are used to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Here are the changes that you will notice in our studio:

For our services :
  • To limit the number of people in the studio, we will be working by appointment only for all our services. You can make an appointment through our website or by calling us: 450-933-9398.
  • Consultations and follow-ups will be done via Zoom to also avoid a large gathering of people.
For the client :
  • The client must come ALONE to their appointment, at the given time. 
  • To enter the studio, the client must wear a mask. The mask must be worn at all the time in the studio since we can’t respect social distancing of 2m to offer our services.
  • To avoid cross-contamination, the client must remove their gloves in the studio.
  • The client must wash their hands for 20 sec at the hand washing station. 
  • The client must fill out a consent from on their smartphone or on our tablet. This is to verify the client’s health condition and to make sure that the client doesn’t have any flu symptoms. 
  • Any client with symptoms of Covid-19 will be refused.
For the employees :
  • Since it is impossible to respect social distancing while offering our services, every employee will be wearing a mask and an eye protection..
  • A health check of every employee will be done every morning.
  • If an employee shows signs of Covid-19 symptoms, they will not be allowed to work. A strict isolation protocol has been put in place where he will need to do a screening test.
Household improvements :
  • A hand washing station has been installed at the entrance.
  • Plexiglas have been installed on counter tops.
  • Protectives covers have been installed on the interac machines.
  • Consent forms are filled out electronically.

Three reasons make us a reference


First, each employee has had many hours of training in sterilization, sanitizing and cross contamination, and they all have received a certification. Second, our manager, Virginia, has a master’s degree from UdeM in biopharmaceuticals and she has worked in two major hospitals in Montreal. She learned a lot of techniques that make her capable of assuring the flawlessness of the sanitary operations at our studio. Third, every month our autoclaves are monitored by an independent laboratory (Germiphene®), to ensure quality check and the proper functioning of our equipment.

Machine steril 1
Photo spot Marion

At Zen Tattoo Studio, we make sure that all the equipment used in a tattoo session respects in detail every rule that is prescribed by the sterilization protocol of the minister of Health and Social services of Quebec and of Health Canada. Therefore, Zen Tattoo Studio guarantees that the equipment such as the needles, the disposable tubes, the ink, the razors, the plastics protectors and all the medical equipment are used only once.

Regarding the metal tubes, Zen Tattoo Studio guarantees that they have been sterilized completely through a cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner and a sterilization session in a new, certified and monthly monitored autoclave. This type of sterilization guarantees that any type of microorganism (bacteria and virus) will be denatured and completely destroyed at 100%.


We firmly believe that a well-informed clientele takes the best decisions when it comes to choosing a tattoo parlor. Knowing that your health is most important, we want to explain to you every aspect of the sanitary operations that is done in Zen Tattoo Studio; from sanitizing to sterilization, without forgetting the hygienic procedures. Click on the following link to read about our different procedures concerning sterilization.