How to mesure your jewelery


Before placing your order, it’s important to correctly measure your body jewelry to insure you have the right size. The following text will explain how to do that yourself.


What you need to know before starting:

This message is only for people who are unable to access a professional piercing studio. Getting your body jewelry professionally sized is always the best option to insure you have the right size. It’s also important that the piercer confirms that your piercing is 100% healed before changing it. Measuring it by yourself should be your last resort.

Before taking out your body jewelry, it is essential that your piercing be COMPLETELY HEALED. Changing the shape (from a straight bar to a hoop, for example) or shortening the post too soon can be very damaging to the healing process. Also, checking the size while your piercing is still fresh could cause irritation and swelling, which will make sizing difficult to verify accurately.

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Required tools for mesuring your jewelry:

1. Hand soap

2. Ruler or caliper

3. A friend

Wash your hands before and after this process. When you are measuring by yourself, it’s important that your skin is in an idle state; it must not be stretched, or it could change the length. Do not touch your jewelry. Hold the tool that will be used to size up to your piercing.

The labrets are usually measured in millimetres. You can see the conversion chart at the top of the page. Remember one thing: a little more is always better than a little less.


Measuring the length of the labret:

You measure the length of the tissue in between the two ends of the wound. It’s highly unprobeable that you will be able to do it on your own. We suggest you have someone there with you that will be able to help you. Make sure your hands are clean and use a ruler (or caliper) to measure the space inside the entrance and the end of the jewelry.

Identifying the entrance and the end of your jewelry is key. If you’ve slept on your piercing and it tilted, or you got it done in an angle, the length will be much longer than if it was in a 90° angle. In some cases, a piercing can become too damaged, resulting in a very long healing process or in some cases, never fully heal. When that happens, it is mostly suggested to simply remove the jewelry, let it close up and redo it.

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Measuring the diameter of a hoop:

We highly suggest getting your hoop size checked by a professional if you are looking for something precis and well adjusted. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to correctly measure the placement. The sizes you see are associated to the interne diameter of the hoop. It must be large enough for it to be comfortable around the sides and that the angle is similar to the one your piercing was done. If the hoop is too small, it will be impossible to install (if you try, it can put a lot of pressure on the piercing and might cause irritation as well as inflammation).


Measuring the gauge:

If you are already wearing a jewelry in your piercing, the easiest way to verify the gauge size is directly from that jewelry. If you are wearing something in 18g or slimmer (for example, a pair of earrings bought at the mall), it’s probable that you need to get your new jewelry installed by a professional piercer. The large majority used for piercings are 14g and 16g (which is larger than 18g). To cause the less damage possible, it’s important to stretch it properly.

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On our website, we use the icons on the left to simplify your jewelry choice. It is important that the top of the jewelry is compatible to the post. So be certain that both jewelry parts have the same icon.  

Do not forget :

If it is impossible for you to see a professional piercer, make sure you are comfortable to measure and install your new jewelry by yourself. An inappropriate installation could cause a lot of damage to your piercing.

ALL OUR JEWELRY SALES ARE FINAL so, once again, the best option is always to get your sizing checked by a professional piercer. If it is impossible for you to access a local, professional studio, please always double check your measurements.