Welcome to Zen Tattoo!


You want a marvelous tattoo done in a serene environment by professional tattoo artist? Welcome to Zen Tattoo! To get tattooed is a very fun experience, but it can also be stressful for newcomers. Here are some key points for those who aren’t familiar with the tattooing world.

1- Price of a tattoo


The price of a tattoo is always estimated by an artist at the shop. We don’t estimations by phone, nor by Facebook, nor by email.

To make a tattoo inquiary, click here.


  • The minimum price of a tattoo is 100$ plus taxes.
  • For a small piece (less than 6h of tattooing) we usually charge per piece which is always estimated by an artist.
  • We charge by the hour for every big piece (more than 6h of tattooing) like sleeves, legs, back pieces etc
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2- To get a tattoo you must be 18 years old or older!


Tattoos have become so popular that a lot of kids now want to get tattooed. As professionals, we refuse to tattoo minors. That is why it's important to bring a valid piece of ID to your appointment.