To book an appointment


We don’t take tattoo appointment by phone, nor by Facebook, nor by Instagram, nor by email. To take an appointment, you must first take a consultation appointment to meet an artist and discuss about your project. Please read the following for more information.

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Photo consultation

The consultation


Consultations are done at the shop between 10h00 to 11h00 during opening hours. Take the time to look at the portfolios of our different artists to choose the one that is most suitable for your project. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can just choose ANYONE and we will show your project to our artists.
The consultation is free, it gives you more or less 30 minutes with the artist to discuss and take a look at your images. The artist will then give you an estimation of time and cost for your tattoo. If you are interested, he will give you his availabilities and he will take everything that has been discussed to make a drawing of your next tattoo.
NOTE: The drawing will only be available the day of the tattoo appointment (unless of an agreement with the artist), no drawings are sent through Facebook nor e-mail.

The deposit

To take an appointment or to make a drawing, we ask for a deposit. The price of the deposit varies according to the complexity of the tattoo. The minimum price for a deposit is 100$ and the deposit will be deduced from the price of the tattoo once it's completely finished. The deposit assures us of your full participation in the tattoo process and also avoids us to work with people who aren’t serious.

Deposit prices

1 hour or less: 100$.

2 to 6 hours of tattooing: 150$ to 200$.

6 hours or more of tattooing: 250$ to 1000$.

Getting ready for the consultation


The first step before coming at the shop is knowing what you want! A tattoo is for life; therefore, we can’t decide the subject of what you want. We can suggest the style or the design but not the subject. Do a research by using Google image or another website. You need a main subject and if necessary secondary object or a background, but we can help you if it’s still unclear as for the secondary object and/or a background. Prepare a file with references images to show the artist during the consultation.

Photo pose stencil

The day of your tattoo appointment


The tattoo artist will present to you his drawing. If there are some modifications to do, he will do them on the spot (we always book extra time for that purpose). If the modifications are major, he might suggest you take another appointment to make a second drawing. Once the design is approved he shall start the tattoo!

  • Be well rested and take the time to eat before your tattoo session. It's best not to drink alcohol the night before.
  • Kids are forbidden at the shop! We have dangerous material and also we do not appreciate screaming when working.
  • You can bring a lunch or a snack.
  • Bring appropriated clothes; take in consideration where you are getting tattooed (shorts, tank-top, bathing suit, etc.…) and bring clothes that you don’t mind staining (ink and blood can stain). Old clothes are the best!
  • COVID19: Bring your mask! You will need to wear it the whole time you're in the shop.

More details


We use the best ink, needles and material on the market. Therefore, our black ink is truly black and we do have vegan certified ink. We do not hold any UV ink.
We do not tattoo fingers as it is an area where the ink won’t hold as well as another part of the body.
Please note that we don’t do micropigmentation nor permanent makeup. We don’t do scarification and we don’t do tongue splitting either.
If you have any questions you can call us or write to us in our contact section.
See you soon! 🙂