The perfect jewelry gifting guide

The holidays are coming sooner than we think. Some people are starting their lists while others are already buying their gifts for others before the madness takes over the shopping centers. If you’re part of those people that enjoy giving to their loved ones with gifts and small thoughts, jewelry can be a part of these lists. With body piercing becoming more and more popular amongst people of all ages, it’s not rare to see clients come in to buy jewelry as a gift. However, even if it’s a great idea, it’s most definitely more complicated than people may expect. For this reason, here’s a jewelry gifting guide for you!

One-size fits all… or not!

The problem people face the most when it comes to buying jewelry for a loved one is, more often than not, the sizing. People think that the « normal » size will be good enough for any piercing. Truth is, the normal size doesn’t exist. Indeed, piercing jewelry can vary not only in length (mm) or in thickness (gauge), but also in diameter when it comes to hoops. For the length, it has to be fitted as much as possible, because too long can become problematic, even for a healed piercing. Too short too soon might turn out to be just as uncomfortable. As for the thickness or gauge of the jewelry, some pieces require a different thickness depending on the piercing or the piece of jewelry to make sure the weight is distributed properly. Depending on the original gauge the person got pierced with, it’s an important detail, otherwise the fistula (or tunnel) might shrink down if the jewelry sold is thinner, or not succeed/hurt themselves trying to put it in if it’s thicker. Finally, hoops require most piercings to be fully healed before switching, and the diameter may vary from an ear and/or the placement of a piercing to another!

Custom jewelry take time.

If you know all the exact measurements the person needs for a piercing and you want to get them something in particular, something special, you have to plan it in advance. Indeed, depending on the jewelry and the company we have to deal with, delays in production and shipping may vary between a week up to seven or eight months! Planning ahead and patience are key. Moreover, special orders aren’t directly ordered the day of. Sometimes, we order once every few months depending on our stock and how many special orders are pending. For more information on that subject, take a look at our ear curation section.

Jewelry is final sale, always!

It’s important to know the exact measures of the jewelry you’re about to buy for someone. For sanitation and hygiene purposes, it’s final sale; there is no exchange or refund available if the jewelry is incorrect or doesn’t fit. The reason is simply because the jewelry might’ve been tried on or manipulated without the precautions we usually use when installed in store.

Gift certificates are your best friends!

In the end, if you don’t know what the person would like, or if you don’t know the specifics for the jewelry you need to buy, there is always our famous gift certificates that are available all year long! Since there’s no expiration date, it’s the safest option as the person has a lot more time to decide what they want to get with it. One thing is for sure, you will never be caught off guard; we’re prepared for anything!

Have fun shopping!

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