Welcome to Zen Tattoo

Having opened in April of 2012, Zen Tattoo Studio is a professional tattoo parlour that offers safe and custom tattoos in a peaceful ambiance.

We offer custom tattoos and piercings that are 100% safe with a guaranteed complete sterilization.  All consultations are free and you do not need an appointment.

Zen Tattoo Studio is specialized in different tattoo styles such as Japanese, Black & Gray and Color. The artists are capable of drawing and tattooing every one of your ideas and projects. We offer custom drawings to insure that every client that walks out of our parlour has a unique tattoo customised to fit the client’s tastes and needs. We have a large variety of books and magazines which will enrich your tattoo projects. Take a look at the portfolios of our artists to have a good idea of just how talented they are.

Zen Tattoo Studio also holds a very qualified expertise in everything that has to do with the sanitary operations, from sanitizing to sterilization. For more information on this matter, take a look at our section on sterilization.


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433 St-Martin W, Laval,
Quebec, H7M 1Y8

Telephone:: 450-933-9398

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