Welcome to Zen Tattoo!


You want a marvelous tattoo done in a serene environment by professional tattoo artist? Welcome to Zen Tattoo! To get tattooed is a very fun experience, but it can also be stressful for newcomers. Here are some key points for those who aren’t familiar with the tattooing world.

1- Price of a tattoo


The price of a tattoo is always estimated by an artist at the shop. We don’t estimations by phone, nor by Facebook, nor by email.


  • The minimum price of a tattoo is 60$ plus taxes.
  • For a small piece (less than 6h of tattooing) we charge per piece which is always estimated by an artist at the shop. You need to come at the shop to know the price of a tattoo.
  • We charge by the hour for every big piece (more than 6h of tattooing) like sleeves, legs, back pieces etc

JF : Charges 125$/H (+TAXES)

MICK : Charges 125$/H (+TAXES)

MAX : Charges 125$/H (+TAXES)

PAUL : Charges 125$/H (+TAXES)

DAVE : Charges 125$/H (+TAXES)


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2- To get a tattoo you must be 18 years old or older!


Occasionally, we will tattoo a 16-17 year-old if the parents are ready to sign our consent form. BUT NOTE that it’s in each artist’s right to refuse to tattoo a minor (even if the parent is consenting). We do not tattoo minors at visible places and we do not do large tattoos (more than an hour) either. Here is an example of the kind of tattoo we would accept to do on a minor: His mother passed away and he wants her name on a small, not-too-visible area on his body. We would do it with pleasure because we know it's not something he might regret. If he wants a tattoo of a music note because he likes music... He can probably wait until he's 18 years old!